Really, you can't help being charmed by Christian Stock the man. He radiates a captivating boyish enthusiasm - yet it quickly becomes apparent that he is quite determined when it comes to his craft. There his enthousiasm equals openmindedness, and his determination thorough mastery of his instrument. A case in point is his solo performance here, a bow to Charlie Haden, entitled HOMMAGE A LA LIBERTE. Beautiful melodic lines ring out in perfect intonation and move along in just the right timing over a floating
I Indeed, melody, timing, freedom, and structure are the cardinal points of Christians musical compass. The quar tet format is no coincidence. He sees ­ the meinbers of his band - the cardinal points as it were - as dynamic forces held together by the basic element of metrical time. He loves the contrast between thematic structures and the liberties taken by the soloists, thus showing an affinity to early NewJazz. With Karel Ruzicka's piano, the natural epitome of this approach, the soaring virtuoso thoroughness of Rick Keller´s saxophone, und the delightfully light footed dancing of Aldo Caviglia's drumming, this maiden voyage of Christian Stock the leader is bound to take you to shores of joy and excitement.

Thomas Fitterling
Contributor to Jazz Podium and Stereoplay




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Christian Stock - bass
Karel Ruzicka - piano
Aldo Caviglia- drums
Rick Keller - sax

© 1992 yvp music



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1 E.J. 5:51  
2 Back Home 6:38  
3 Hommage a liberté 3:26
4 The ballad of a lover´s dream 8:00  
5 Mr. Pizzaman 5.50  
6 Kaleidoscope 5:42  
7 Old song 7:50  
8 Coffeine 4:52  
9 One more blues 6:21  
10 Celebration Blues 6:08  
Christian Stock International Jazz Quartet